Embodiment – Are You In or Out?

You have a beautiful body – are you living in it or are you hanging out nearby?
Many of us don’t live in our bodies, especially those of us who have experienced abuse or trauma of some kind. We have learned that it’s safer not to. But, because our bodies are meant to be lived in, living outside of them can keep us removed from fully experiencing our lives in the present moment – that place where the action is.
To find out if you’re living outside your body, try this quick embodiment exercise. Start above your head and visualize that space. Bring your awareness to your head and face. Feel your throat, neck, and shoulders and relax them. Move downward visualizing the space around your heart center and solar plexus. Continue on down through your body to your feet, visualizing each area and feeling any sensations. Notice each part of your body as you go.
Now, were you present with this exercise or did your attention go elsewhere? Sometimes I’ll notice that instead of sensing my physical body, my attention pops out to an area outside of me. You might find yourself drifting off to other locations that are outside of your body. These are indications that you’re not embodied or have temporarily stepped out. If you’re not used to being in your body, getting into it can feel awkward, not natural, or even a bit unsettling.
However, being embodied is important because it allows you to be fully present. If you’re someone who tends to overeat for example, knowing the difference between physical hunger versus feeling hungry is one example of how being embodied, or not, can make a big difference in how you make decisions around food. If you’re not embodied, the sensation of hunger can be your body in need of your attention, wanting to feel fullness, needing to be whole. Fulfilling that kind of hunger cannot be satisfied with food.
We need to be embodied in order to be wholly alive. This exercise of getting into your body isn’t a one and done kind of thing, it takes practice. Embodying yourself first thing in the morning before even getting out of bed is a great way to start the day. Check-ins throughout the day will help you to be in relationship with your body and in the present moment.
Experiment with being in your body. As you notice changes, express gratitude, perhaps journal your experience, and continue!
In love and light,

2 thoughts on “Embodiment – Are You In or Out?

  1. This is great Debora! Being in our bodies is important. We need to communicate with them. As part of the changes that are happening now, being in our bodies and integrating more and more into them allows us to expand into all we are! Love you work!

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