Awareness Around Food

esther-wechsler-YM1z9tNvPp4-unsplashBeing in the house as much as we are right now can be very daunting for many of us. Our routines are out of whack and you may find that you’re eating more than normal.

If this is the case for you, here’s a tip you might find helpful.

When you find yourself standing in front of the refrigerator or the snack cabinet, take a deep heart-filled breath and ask yourself “what am I feeling right now?”

If you’re truly feeling hungry for food, is the food you’re looking for sugary and/or quick or is it nutrient dense and more likely to satisfy your hunger long term?

If you find that you’re not truly hungry for food, but instead you’re going stir crazy, are stressed or in fear, then take a moment to be with that. What are you truly hungry for? What else can you do that would satisfy that need?

The key is awareness of your thoughts.

There’s nothing wrong with eating a snack, but if you’re eating for a reason other than hunger, then it’s important to be aware of what’s showing up so you can honor it. Journaling is a good way to be in the moment and express what you’re feeling. Taking a few minutes and sitting in meditation and breathing can help settle you. These will help you be in the experience you’re having – it’s showing up for a reason, what can you learn from it? Having a prepared list of alternative foods or activities can be helpful because we all know when we’re trying to think of ideas, and the mind has itself set, we go blank.

Maybe it’s really hard for you right now to do anything other than eat and that’s okay, don’t beat yourself up. But, by asking yourself “what am I feeling right now?” you’re creating awareness around what you think you want and what you’re actually in need of. This is self care and an expression of compassion.

Perhaps this is a time to establish beneficial patterns through awareness – looking at your thoughts and asking if they are true. Where else might this practice of awareness come in handy for you?

In love and light,


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