Times, They Are Changing

justin-docanto-q-i_sxORsqw-unsplashIn last month’s post, little did we know how much our lives would be changed in a few short weeks. Little did we know the impact these times would have on us.
One thing we do know: everything is changing – we’re all changing.
We may have noticed, as we’ve had to slow down, how at first it was hard. Habits are habits. As time has gone on we have started to settle into a new routine. We still might not be happy about it, but we’re learning how to make it work. We’re adaptable.
But what about those times when we start worrying about paying our bills, wondering when we’ll see our friends and family again, or will the kids ever go back to school?These are, of course, legitimate concerns but they can also create stress inducing thoughts. Stress impacts our immune system, it can prevent you from sleeping well, and it can keep you in ‘fight or flight’ mode causing you to feel anger or be in fear. I’d like to share some insights with you.
When life is lived in the present moment, it becomes more manageable.
When you are engaged in the present moment, it’s not possible to worry about the future or be upset about the past. In the present moment you have peace.
When we allow our thoughts to take us out of the present moment, stress, anger and uncertainty can take over.
The present moment is where real life happens. All the rest is a product of our thoughts.
Having an awareness of your thoughts will help keep you in the present moment. When you find yourself getting wound up, what have you been thinking about? Allow yourself to take three slow, deep breaths and feel your body shift from stressed to relaxed. This will create space between you and your thoughts, provide some peace and the opportunity to regroup.
A simple silent meditation where your focus is on the beating of your heart or your breath as it flows in and out of your body lends itself beautifully to being in the present moment. As thoughts arise, simply see them as a cloud floating by not attaching yourself to them.
Another way to stay present is to capture what, in this very moment, you are grateful for. Even though things may not be going how you had thought they would be (or should be), there’s still always something in the present moment to be grateful for. Acknowledging and allowing yourself to be aware of what you are grateful for, and feeling into it, can bring more of that into your life.
We are experiencing stressful times, there is no doubt. Being present to the very moment you are living can help ease the tension.
When we can be in the present moment, we evolve from chaotic to peaceful. We are all changing during these times, let’s give ourselves to peace.
In love and light,

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