How is Your Relationship With Food Going?

I ask because I think we sometimes forget that we actually have a relationship with food. You have a relationship with your partner, family members and colleagues, right? The same is true with food. We have a relationship with food that lasts our entire lifetime.

As with all relationships our relationship with food can be rocky, frustrating, painful and at other times, it can be smooth, nourishing and all around pretty good.

So, how is your relationship with food going?

I like to think I have a loving and generous relationship, but the truth is, sometimes a bit of fear can creep in. It’s a leftover from my ‘dieting years’ when all food was to be feared. Why? Because I thought of food as the enemy. I thought food was making me fat. But the truth is, food is neutral. It does get blamed for a lot though.

You might be asking yourself, if food isn’t causing my weight issues, what is? Dear one, it’s your relationship to it.

Which in an odd way is great because, as with any relationship, once we’re aware of the problem or the struggle, we can start to do something about it.
When I set out to explore my relationship with food I found a great big bundle of fear around it. Slowly, I learned about my fear – how I came to have it and how to work with it so that it wasn’t weighing me down.

As with any relationship, once you become more aware, loving and honest and just start to understand your relationship with food better, you can relax around it and life in general becomes a lot more fun.
In love and light,


Photo: Heather Barnes – Unsplash

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