Can You Relax in This Moment?

Is there anyone alive who can say this hasn’t been a challenging year? I don’t think so. Every day it seems like something comes along that we didn’t expect, didn’t invite, or aren’t inclined to welcome into our life. But, here it is anyway.

What can we do?


It might sound like a cliche at this point and utterly ridiculous, but the truth is, breathing is the one thing you can do that will help you through these times.

Long, slow, deep diaphragmatic breathing can bring you into a place of relaxation. It can bring you into balance. It can bring you back to this moment, the moment that you are in, the one that counts.

When I start to feel anxious and find myself going around in circles, it’s conscious breathing that brings me back to the present moment. From the present moment, I can assess my next action – do I want to continue in this ‘dog chasing its tail’ kind of way or do I want to step into a calmer state where I’m acknowledging what’s showing up while at the same time choosing my path forward.

We always have a choice.

The body cannot be in a stressed state and a relaxed state at the same time. Breathing fully and deeply signals to the body that you’re relaxed allowing your mind to process information and make choices that are beneficial versus reactionary. When you’re relaxed, those surprises that come at you can be processed easier – the benefits are infinite.

Remembering that slow, deep breathing is what will bring us into the present moment can itself be a challenge. That’s why it’s important to practice. Practicing slow, deep breathing while you’re washing the dishes, sitting at a stop light, or while you’re in the shower will get you in the habit and it won’t be such a stretch to remember to breathe when you need to. Although I will say that if you can breathe slowly all the time, the benefits are mind blowing.

So yes, I believe we can relax in this moment and in fact, I believe it’s what we’re being asked to do. By relaxing, we’re better able to see life as it truly is. From there we can see the choices that lay before us.

In love and light,

Photo Credit: Heather Ford – Unsplash

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