Giving a Farewell Hug to 2020

As unexpected as this year turned out to be, I think it’s important to be mindful of any uplifting or positive moments – things we can be grateful for. It would be sad to let this year pass by letting it think it had been a total flop.

I have an end of the year practice that I have done for several years and this year is no exception. Each December I sit and read through my journals and reminisce, mostly being reminded of the many wonderful things that have happened throughout the year that I’ve forgotten about. That’s the main reason I like to keep a journal – it reminds me of what I have forgotten.

As part of my end of the year practice, I make a list of all the books I’ve read. I’m generally surprised at the number and variety of books on the list. This year my husband and I are taking our lists and sharing them with each other on New Year’s Eve. We’re going to pick out our favorites and share what we liked about the book and perhaps a key point or two. We haven’t done this before, but since there won’t be anything else going on, it seems like a fun thing to do.

In the past, I’ll list out the various places I’ve traveled to over the year. That will be a very short list this year, so instead I’ll list out all the new experiences I’ve created while being in the house which include moving my coaching practice online. I had put that off for several years and to my surprise, it’s working out quite well and I am enjoying it very much.

I’ll sum up these lists with a journal entry of what I’m most grateful for the year. I already know that I am sincerely grateful for my health and the health of my family. Having two elderly parents who seem to be able to weather any storm is a blessing.

And, of course, I am grateful for all of you who have subscribed, read, and often commented on my blog. I love thinking about you as I decide what may be of interest as we walk this path of growing and evolving in conscious awareness together.

If you don’t already have an end of the year practice, I hope you will take some time to reflect on what you are grateful for this year. If any year deserves to know it had at least some teeny weeny something positive to offer, it’s this one.

In love and light,

Image: Julia Joppien – Unsplash

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