The Meandering Flow of Consciousness

Is life so short that we are required to rush through our days limiting ourselves to necessary tasks and chores? Living life as though it were meant to be busily done, or attended to, is not living. Life is by its very definition a stream, a flow of consciousness, a meanderer in time.

Think about your day today. What thoughts were streaming through your head as you put on your slippers or stepped into the shower? Was it your to-do list? Was it yesterday’s to-do list that didn’t get finished? Or did you think about how glorious it felt to wake up one more day, to have the opportunity to put your slippers on once again and walk down the hall to take one more shower. Did you?

Being in the present moment brings us to gratitude for what appears to be the smallest of activities that in truth aren’t that small.

You woke up! Your body carried you through the night and into the day. Your eyes opened and you were able to see the room around you. A soft bed lay under you and warm blankets lay upon you in a room with a ceiling in a house with a shower. In the moment before you open your eyes in the room where you have awakened, there is peace and calm. Can you sit in that feeling? Can you be present to it? Can you notice the beauty of all that is you in that one precious moment?

Most of the time that moment is fleeting, but it doesn’t have to be. This moment, once noticed, can stay with you throughout the day – you can carry it with you. It’s you without your busyness. What if you were to look at your day with the eyes of that moment you felt upon waking? Soft, gentle, spacious.

You don’t have to be busy and stressed unless you want to be. As always, it’s a choice – one that can be continued or altered. If you try making a different decision, by choosing spaciousness and consciously being in the flow of your life, observe how that impacts your day. We’d love to have you share your observations with us!

In Love and Light,

Image: Debbie Hudson – Unsplash

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