How Are You Doing?

I’m curious, how are you doing? Or perhaps the questions is, how are you feeling? Are you filled with a mixture of emotions, ups and downs? Have you managed to stay busy and don’t know how you’re doing or what you’re feeling?

Let me ask you another question. Have you taken an intentional breath today? Or yesterday? Or the day before?

We all know we need breath to survive, more than we need food and water although those are pretty handy as well. And yet, we can take our breath for granted.

Breath is our life force. It’s how we know we’re alive.

Sometimes, we just need to sit quietly with our breath. Why?

When we sit intentionally with our breath, breathing in through the top of our head, down our spine, into the pelvic bowl and down into the earth and back up and out, we’re connecting with our true self. We’re bringing in the breath of life and connecting with it. We’re connecting with all that is.

Sitting daily and breathing with intention allows us to be in stillness. Sitting in this stillness is where the real action is. Connecting with your spiritual self through the breath creates a partnership – you the human with you the spirit. And since your human body is a home for your spirit self, this is why you have a body after all, doesn’t it make sense to welcome all of yourself to the party?

Being embodied in this way overrides stress, allows egoic thoughts that like to run the show to dissipate, and it creates space for intuition and creativity.

If you feel like you’re too busy to sit and breath with intention, I say phooey. You’re not.

To get started, take three intentional breaths in the shower each morning or in the car while you’re at a stop light. Feel the energy of your true self flow through. “Oh, there you are!” Soon, you’ll find yourself looking forward to taking five minutes several times a day just to intentionally breathe and after that? Oooh, what does come after that?

A life of creativity, purpose, and connection is available in each breath. Being aware of your breath creates awareness around the truth of who you are.

If you’re connected with each breath, feeling its life force and connecting with it, the answer to “How are you doing?” is “I’m feeling peace.”

In love and light,

Image: Fabian Moller – Unsplash

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