Global Peace – In Honor of Earth Day 2021

My vision for humanity is global peace, where humans live in love and compassion for self and each other. There are a number of components to global peace and they all work together to create a world where everyone is respected for their uniqueness – for showing up.

Here are some components of global peace that come to mind.

Abundance for all: Abundance in every form; abundance of joy, happiness, health, food, money, healthy work environments, vitality, etc.

Government for all: This is a government of compassionate action. A government that exists with a mission of global peace is one where all people are represented by their country and in a global format. All governments work together to ensure the safety and vitality of all the world’s citizens.

Education for all: All citizens are educated in a way that honors each person’s unique gifts and talents. It allows that each child and adult is unique and learns at a different pace, with different desires and interests, and each learner has a beautifully unique skill set and gifts to share in the world.

Armed Forces: In each country, the branches of military are forces for good, armed with compassion. They are service branches that assist citizens in time of need. They also assist in helping to maintain an up-to-date infrastructure both in their country of origin and globally.

Healthcare for all: Each citizen of the world is offered access to healthcare that promotes proactive well-being and is integrated with all other components of global peace.

Clean water for all: Every citizen of the world has unlimited access to clean water.

Healthy, nourishing food for all: Every citizen of the world has unlimited access to food that supports health by being grown in healthy, natural, richly composted soil. Food is recognized as life-giving because it is offered by the loving energies of Mother Earth.

Clean air for all: Every citizen of the world breathes clean air.

Free energy: Every citizen of the world has unlimited access to free energy for transportation, heat, cooling, cooking, and power for electronics and appliances.

Recognition that Earth is a living consciousness: Humanity understands that the Earth is alive, that she is our mother, that she provides for us. Through our reciprocal love we respect, honor, and care for her.

Each of these components is attainable. When humanity is free from want both physically and mentally, when individuals feel and know love and compassion from inside themselves, from those who are part of their life and from those who govern them, then global peace will be attained.

This is not a utopian society that will implode from its own perceived righteousness. This is a world where there can be disagreement and differences of opinion. Where creation, invention, and attaining new levels of consciousness can be the outcome of conscious debate. Can we see that it is balance we are seeking?

Our world is changing and we need to change along with it. If we allow ourselves to tune into the changes that are, and have been occurring on this earth, we can see that the old ways are falling off and are no longer serving us. We can see that we are being invited to try new ways of doing things, to think differently, to act differently and to envision differently. We are evolving.

When we start to envision what we want for ourselves, for our children and for humanity, and let that become our guidepost, then enlightened change will happen.

Change happens inside each of us first. As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Envision peace in your life. Find harmony with your thoughts. Nourish yourself with clean air, water, and healthy food. Be of service where you can. Open your heart to new ways of being in relationship with yourself, humanity, and with Mother Earth. Be open to sharing what you have learned so others can learn too. See yourself as part of the network of humanity – the family of humans – where we all live together with respect, compassion, and love.

Envision global peace.

In Love and Light,


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