Finding Your Unique Weight

Have you ever thought about how contracted and single focused a weight loss diet is? While they lead you to believe they are here to help you, the truth is the only thing they’re capable of doing is making you and your body feel miserable. 

In order for you to allow a diet into your life, it first has to convince you that something is wrong with you. Is there? Was there something wrong with you before the diet told you there was?

When you were a little kid did you stay inside because you didn’t look perfect? Did you not go to a friend’s house because you were afraid you were too fat? Did you not go to a birthday party because the cake and ice cream were off limits?

We just didn’t worry about what our body’s looked like before diet culture got a hold of us. But the diet. It tells us we need to be a certain weight for our height, that after having a baby we should lose our pregnant weight in a few short weeks. The diet tells us we’ll be perky and smile all the time if we just lose a few pounds. In our desire to please, we get on board.

And then.

Frustration sets in. It’s hard to stick to a diet that’s restrictive. Our thoughts tell us we can start tomorrow or the next day. Why? Because the diet demands we not be human, it wants us to live a prescribed format that focuses on numbers, calories and points.

We women are more than that and we know it. We want to live, love and experience the beauty of life. We want to expand our consciousness. We want to enjoy our babies, dammit.

Grab your notebook and write out your responses to these questions:

  • What if I was to open myself to all of life, what would that look like for me?
  • What would I do that I’m holding back on until I lose those however many pounds?
  • If I could step out of the diet zone and fully into my life, what experiences would I be having that I’m not having now?

Can you see how living in the diet zone and living in the fullness of life are fundamentally different? Living your life as you want to live it is nourishing. It’s fulfilling. It’s how you’re meant to live.

Finding that place where you can nourish self is the first step toward finding your own unique, healthy, natural weight.

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