Does it have to be so hard?

Do you remember the time in 1988 when Oprah Winfrey lost weight, and in her tiny body trapped in some very tight jeans, pulled a wagon full of fat onto the stage of her show? The fat in the wagon represented the 67 pounds of fat she had dieted off her body. If you weren’t… Continue reading Does it have to be so hard?

Finding Your Unique Weight

Have you ever thought about how contracted and single focused a weight loss diet is? While they lead you to believe they are here to help you, the truth is the only thing they’re capable of doing is making you and your body feel miserable.  In order for you to allow a diet into your… Continue reading Finding Your Unique Weight

Are You Giving Your Power Away to a Diet?

In my article “Are You Accidentally Gaining Weight” I wrote about weight loss diets and how I believe they fail women. If you and I were sitting across from each other having a conversation, you would be able to see how truly passionate I am about this topic. I’m passionate because I believe it’s time… Continue reading Are You Giving Your Power Away to a Diet?

Are you accidentally gaining weight?

When I was 21, I went on my first weight loss diet. I wasn’t personally looking to lose weight, but a friend wanted to lose a few pounds and asked me to join him. Little did I know that I was setting myself up for a 40 year battle with yo-yo dieting and body hate.… Continue reading Are you accidentally gaining weight?

How is Your Relationship With Food Going?

I ask because I think we sometimes forget that we actually have a relationship with food. You have a relationship with your partner, family members and colleagues, right? The same is true with food. We have a relationship with food that lasts our entire lifetime. As with all relationships our relationship with food can be… Continue reading How is Your Relationship With Food Going?