Finding Your Unique Weight

Have you ever thought about how contracted and single focused a weight loss diet is? While they lead you to believe they are here to help you, the truth is the only thing they’re capable of doing is making you and your body feel miserable.  In order for you to allow a diet into your… Continue reading Finding Your Unique Weight

Are You Giving Your Power Away to a Diet?

In my article “Are You Accidentally Gaining Weight” I wrote about weight loss diets and how I believe they fail women. If you and I were sitting across from each other having a conversation, you would be able to see how truly passionate I am about this topic. I’m passionate because I believe it’s time… Continue reading Are You Giving Your Power Away to a Diet?

Global Peace – In Honor of Earth Day 2021

My vision for humanity is global peace, where humans live in love and compassion for self and each other. There are a number of components to global peace and they all work together to create a world where everyone is respected for their uniqueness – for showing up. Here are some components of global peace… Continue reading Global Peace – In Honor of Earth Day 2021

The Meandering Flow of Consciousness

Is life so short that we are required to rush through our days limiting ourselves to necessary tasks and chores? Living life as though it were meant to be busily done, or attended to, is not living. Life is by its very definition a stream, a flow of consciousness, a meanderer in time. Think about… Continue reading The Meandering Flow of Consciousness